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Terms of Service:
By using this service you agree that a member of the Refinitiv group of companies will, only with your permission, discuss via chat or remotely support your use of Refinitiv application in order to support, prevent and detect faults, provide training, administer and/or demonstrate the service to you. If your interaction with a member of the Refinitiv group of companies requires remote support, you will be asked to accept or reject every support session individually.
During a remote support session the screen of the application you select will also be visible to a member of the Refinitiv group of companies. It is your responsibility to ensure that any material or sensitive information or applications are removed from the screen. You may end this chat / remote session at any time by clicking the end session button.
For training and monitoring purposes, your remote support session, chat, and video, may be recorded. You will have a choice to accept or reject the video recording of your remote support session.
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